iPhone SE 4 price leak is great news for budget users

The price of the upcoming iPhone SE 4th generation has been leaked and Apple is targeting to keep its price below $500.

Revegnus, an ardent leaker related to smartphones has posted on X about the launch price of the iPhone SE 4 in the United States. According to the leaker, the US launch price will either remain at $429 or see an increase of around 10%.

This means that even if Apple decides to increase the price of the smartphone, it will still stay within $499.

The leaker further mentions that “in regions outside the US, even if the dollar price remains nearly the same, the actual price will increase by around 15%.”

Apple is planning to launch this new iPhone SE sometime in 2025 and the smartphone is rumored to have a thinner design compared to previous editions, and the chassis will be similar to that of the iPhone 14.

This further implies that it will launch without a Home Button or Touch ID. The current norm will follow which means the aforementioned features will be replaced by Face ID, as is the case with all the current models in the market.

The iPhone SE 4 could come with an OLED display, similar to the iPhone 15 lineup or even the new OLED iPad Pro, and the display size could be bumped to a 6.1-inch screen instead of a 4.7 screen.

If the iPhone SE 4 launches with these features at a price point of below $500, it would be one of the best deals for users on a budget. They will be enjoying most of the latest developments at a fairly cheaper price, proving to be a great competition to the existing Android smartphones available in the market along a similar price point.

The last iPhone SE released was back in 2022 and if these changes turn out to be true, it would be a significant upgrade for users.

We will keep updating this page with the latest info about the iPhone SE 4, so make sure you are checking back regularly.