7 disadvantages of iPads you should know in 2024

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Apple’s iPad has always been a symbol of innovation and sleek design, however, there are some disadvantages of iPads too in 2024.

iPads have revolutionized the way we consume digital content – from reading Ebooks to watching movies and even creating digital art that amuses everyone. The debate between iPads and iPhones has been ongoing since the inception of the former.

As with all technological marvels, the iPad isn’t without its drawbacks. While the iPhone, Apple’s flagship product, has been praised for its compactness and versatility. Although the iPad has a larger screen and enhanced capabilities, it might not be the best fit for everyone.

Here are some undeniable disadvantages of iPads in 2024 that might make users lean away from the tablet, and perhaps for the good!

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iPads have both advantages and disadvantages.

7 disadvantages of an iPad in 2024

Below you can find 7 cons of an iPad that can potentially prevent a user from purchasing them in 2024:

1. Doesn’t fit inside a pocket

One of the most obvious disadvantages of the iPad is its size. Unlike iPhones which can easily fit into your pocket, iPads often require a bulkier bag or a case. This can be cumbersome for those who prioritize portability.

2. Can be more expensive than iPhones

iPads, especially the Pro models, can be significantly more expensive than iPhones. This price difference can be hard to justify for users who don’t need the additional screen space or features.

3. Some features overlap with the iPhone

Several functions and apps that are available on the iPad are also easily accessible and available on iPhones. This redundancy can make it hard to justify owning both devices at the same time, unless you are creating content where the iPad proves to be superior, like creating digital art.

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4. Lack of customization

The iOS system is widely popular for its stability, but the area where it falls short is its lack of customization options. This limitation is felt more on the iPad, where the larger screen could benefit from more personalization features, which ultimately feels like a missed opportunity.

5. Doesn’t replace a laptop

No matter how much Apple claims, an iPad even with a keyboard connected can never fully replace a laptop. Thanks to certain tasks, especially professional ones, are better suited for a desktop or laptop, just how convenient they are in real life.

6. Durability is a concern

The iPad due to its larger size is more prone to drops and damage. This ultimately means it requires a higher repair cost in case something gets damaged or breaks.

7. Multitasking is limited

While the iPad does offer split-screen features, it still lags behind laptops when it comes to multitasking capabilities. It can be a dealbreaker for many, like me, as switching between apps and managing multiple tasks can be less intuitive.

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Are you willing to own an iPad in 2024?

Are iPads worth buying in 2024?

The worth of buying iPads in 2024 ultimately boils down to every the needs of individuals. For those who prioritize media consumption, digital art, or prefer a larger screen for reading, the iPad remains an excellent choice. Its powerful processors and enhanced features make it a formidable device in 2024.

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However, for users who already own an iPhone and don’t require the additional screen real estate, or those who need a device primarily for professional tasks, investing in an iPad might not offer significant value. In that case, opting for a Macbook Air or Pro would be an ideal choice.

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