Apple users surprised as new iPhone 15 Pro Max renders surface online

With the new iPhone series nearing its launch each passing day, more leaks are surfacing online and users expressing different opinions regarding some features of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

The release of the new smartphone lineup from Apple is merely a few days away. The much-awaited annual Apple Event is right around the corner and users are hyped more than ever to get to know about the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

As always, prior to the launch of the new product, various leaks and renders have started to surface online, and users across the world have different opinions to share.

Some users on Reddit are talking about how big the camera bump looks, while some are talking about the colors that the new iPhone lineup will don this time around. Let’s have a look.

This is the new Titan Gray iPhone 15 Pro color. There’s no more Gold 🤷🏻‍♂️
by u/Disastrous_Street633 in iphone

iPhone 15 Pro’s camera bump and colors are doing the talking

Every year with the release of new iPhones, Apple brings certain subtle changes to the devices. And it’s not going to be any different for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max in 2023.

In the original Reddit post, the main topics of discussion were the new colors of devices and the camera bump. One user commented, “That camera bump looks huge.

To this, a user replied, “For real. Gonna need a case that’s super bulky to extend far enough out to be able to properly protect those from a drop. kinda concerning looking tbh. which i normally wouldnt care but phones have gotten kinda heavy in my pocket and its super annoying to have a bulky case on top of it to worry about not dropping your overpriced easy as shit to break smartphone. I miss carrying slim cases.

It’s no news the cameras are getting bigger and bigger with each new edition of iPhones. Thanks to the new features and sensors, it’s kind of normal for the bump to get larger, and that can be a matter of concern for a good chunk of users.

On the other hand, some users are praising the Titanium color of the smartphones and are happy that they won’t come in gold anymore. One user commented, “That’s why I like it. Or maybe the titanium grey will be like a Snow Peak Titanium mug. That would look good.


However, some other users are worried about the new colors. A user chimed in and said, “I’m very curious what difference a steel frame vs titanium would make. Forget the internals between years. I’m just wondering what the raw difference is between steel and titanium. Because if I’m remembering correctly it’s not just a frame around the outside, there’s more metal than just the trim.

Adding to this, another user said, “It’s nice, but also means the color options will be essentially (dropping marketing terms): black, white, and a gray between black and white? Hope there’s at least one color like pacific blue or whatever.

That being said, the reveal is right around the corner, just a matter of a few days now, as Apple is gearing up to launch the new iPhone 15 lineup in the coming days, straight from the heart of Silicon Valley.