Apple iPhone 18: Release, Leaks, everything we know so far

Apple‘s iPhone 18 series is still a long way off, but certain leaks and rumors have already started to roam around on the web. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s future smartphone lineup.

The tech industry keeps buzzing with anticipation for the next big release in the market, which is no different for iPhone 18. As rumors swirl and speculators debate, one thing is clear: the Apple iPhone 18 lineup will continue pushing the boundaries of what we expect from our smartphones.

It’s pretty safe to assume the 18th iPhone lineup will offer a premium feel, cutting-edge features, and industry-leading performance and will continue building on Apple’s legacy of innovation and design.

We can expect that they will continue its pattern of a standard iPhone model, along with more advanced Pro and Pro Max variants. With that said, here’s everything revealed about Apple’s iPhone 18 series so far.

an image of a person holding an iphone 14 pro max

Does iPhone 18 have a release date yet?

Apple is yet to confirm the official release date of the iPhone 18 lineup. However, based on industry speculation and the typical Apple release cycle, we could potentially see the lineup launching as early as September 2026.

iPhone 15 being the current series, iPhone 16 and 17 series will have to launch before that – and these alone will launch in three consecutive years (from 2024 to 2025). So, it’s still a far way off.

Will Apple release iPhone 18 Pro Max model?

Apple is widely expected to continue the trend of releasing Pro models with the iPhone 18 lineup.

We could also see an Ultra variant of the Pro models, the priciest and most feature-rich smartphone from Apple.

Which is the latest iPhone series?

As of the time of writing, the latest iPhone series is the iPhone 15 series. This series includes the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Each model in this series brings unique features to the table, with the Pro models boasting the Dynamic Island while the Photonic Engine and USB-C are the highlighting features across all models​.

an image of a person holding an iphone 14 pro max
Deleting apps on an iPhone is fairly simple (Image Credits – Pixabay)

iPhone 18 leaks and rumors

As with all other iPhones in the past, there are numerous leaks and rumors circulating about the iPhone 18. You should always take these pieces of info with a grain of salt as nothing’s been confirmed yet.

The Pro model may come in a range of colors, some of which we’ve never seen before. Additionally, it may come with a brand-new bionic chip. The new processor should offer a lot more enhanced performance and energy efficiency, but only time will reveal the exact facts.


In conclusion, the 18th iPhone will shape up to be a pivotal release in the smartphone industry. As always, we advise caution when interpreting leaks and rumors, and recommend staying tuned for official announcements.

We will continue to update this page with the latest updates. So, be sure to check back regularly.

So, there you have it – that’s basically everything you need to know about iPhone 18. Stay connected by following our Twitter and Instagram pages.

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