7 advantages of iPads you should know in 2024

In the fast-paced digital world of 2024, the advantages of iPads are many which potentially makes the tablet a game-changer in various sectors and content creators.

While iPhones are undeniably powerful and versatile, iPads offer a unique blend of portability and functionality that caters to professionals from various fields.

Whether you’re a graphic designer sketching out your next masterpiece or a business executive analyzing spreadsheets, the iPad’s larger screen, and specialized apps can make tasks more efficient and enjoyable, especially on the go!

The debate between iPads and iPhones is akin to comparing apples to oranges. While both stem from Apple, each serves a distinct purpose. For many professionals, the iPad’s expansive screen real estate and multitasking capabilities give it an edge over its smaller counterpart, the iPhone.

After listing down some disadvantages of iPads, here are some advantages of iPads you should know in 2024.

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iPads have both advantages and disadvantages.

7 advantages of iPads in 2024

A large screen

The iPad’s screen is significantly larger than an iPhone, making it ideal for tasks that require more visual space, such as drawing, reading, and video editing.

Capable of multitasking

With the iPad, you can run multiple apps side by side, enhancing productivity. This is especially useful for professionals who need to switch between apps frequently.

Powerful performance

iPads are equipped with powerful processors that can handle heavy-duty tasks, from 3D modeling to video rendering, with ease.

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A diverse app ecosystem

The App Store boasts a plethora of iPad-specific apps designed to maximize the device’s capabilities. Whether it’s digital artistry, music production, or document editing, there’s an app for that.

Long battery life for more productivity

iPads are known for their long-lasting batteries. This ensures that professionals can work uninterrupted for longer periods without constantly reaching for the charger.


Despite its larger size, the iPad remains incredibly portable. It’s lighter than most laptops, making it a favorite for those on the go.

Compatibility with Apple Pencil

For artists, designers, and note-takers, the Apple Pencil transforms the iPad into a digital canvas or notepad, offering precision and versatility.

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10 professions where iPads are extremely useful

It’s 2024 and iPads are used across a wide variety of sectors – including art, entertainment, education, medicine, and a lot more. Here are professions where iPads prove to be extremely useful:

  • Graphic Designers: With apps like Procreate and Adobe Fresco, designers can sketch, paint, and design directly on their iPads.
  • Content Creators and Streamers: The iPads can be game-changing when it comes to content creation and streaming. With Elgato’s new Stream Deck Mobile for iPhones and iPads, the experience has never been so seamless.
  • Musicians and Producers: GarageBand and other music apps turn the iPad into a portable recording studio.
  • Writers and Journalists: With its portability and long battery life, the iPad can become a mobile writing desk for writers.
  • Educators: Teachers and professors can use the iPad to present lectures, grade assignments, and interact with students with ease.
  • Medical Professionals: Doctors and nurses can access patient records, view medical images, and even conduct telehealth sessions.
  • Real Estate Agents: These agents can show property listings, virtual tours of apartments or houses, and sign documents on the go.
  • Retail Managers: Inventory management, sales analytics, and point-of-sale systems can all be managed via the iPad seamlessly.
  • Architects and Engineers: CAD applications allow for on-site edits and presentations.
  • Filmmakers and Video Editors: Some creative users shoot, edit, and produce videos directly from the iPad these days.
  • Travel Bloggers: Being lightweight and versatile, the iPad is perfect for travel bloggers as they need it to write, edit photos, and manage social media while on the move.

To be honest, iPads are not just a larger version of the iPhones. It’s a powerful tool that has carved its niche in various professional fields. Whether you’re an artist, a doctor, or a business professional, there’s an iPad feature tailored just for you.

And that’s everything about the advantages of iPads. We will make sure to update this page with more info as soon as we find them.

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