Will iPhone 16 have physical buttons?

The iPhone 16 series is only months away from release but will the new smartphone lineup from Apple have physical buttons? Here’s everything you need to know.

Every year, before the launch of new iPhones in the market, several speculations run wild online about new features and improvements that users would like to experience and witness.

The internet gets filled with leaks and rumors about Apple‘s upcoming smartphone lineup, and it’s no different for the iPhone 16 series.

Right now, there’s one burning question that desperately wants an answer – Will iPhone 16 have physical buttons? Here’s everything you need to know about that feature.

iPhone 16 is rumored to remove physical buttons

April 22, 2024’s supply chain report by Economic Daily News claims Apple has placed a large order for “iPhone 16 capacitive button packaging module.” This report further says,

“New iPhone 16 series is the elimination of the physical volume buttons and power button on both sides of the fuselage, replacing them with capacitive touch buttons.”

Users will be able to “vibration feedback” when they press the keys, which only indicates the implementation of capacitive buttons on the upcoming iPhone 16 series in 2024. This is quite the opposite of how the physical buttons have worked till the iPhone 15 lineup.

“Two Taptic Engine motors will be added to provide vibration feedback when the user presses the keys, thereby achieving the goal of disappearing the physical keys on the outside of the iPhone.”

Is the rumor of the iPhone 16 having capacitive buttons true?

At the time of writing, nothing has been confirmed yet, nor anything related to capacitive buttons has been leaked, so I’d suggest you take this rumor of the iPhone 16 having capacitive buttons with a grain of salt.

In 2023, there were many rumors that the iPhone 15 series would have capacitive buttons. However, Apple stuck to their good old physical buttons for the ongoing lineup.

Only time will tell if the iPhone 16 series does end up having capacitive buttons, and in case that happens, I’ll update this section with the latest info. So, be sure to check back regularly.