iPhone 14 Pro getting hot? Here’s why & how you can fix it (2024)

Is your iPhone 14 Pro getting hot and are you worried how long it may last? Don’t fret, as everything you need to know about the reasons behind the overheating issues and how you can fix them in 2024 is covered here.

iPhones getting hot is a major concern among users, which can make them doubt the longevity and the damage it comes along, It also signifies something is not quite right with your handheld device, and getting them sorted becomes the biggest priority.

Now a smartphone, and in this case, an iPhone 14 Pro may get hot due to various reasons. Sometimes it may result due to prolonged usage or in some cases, as slim as the chances seem, the device may turn out to be a faulty one.

So, with that said, we’ll address some of the most probable reasons that make your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max hot and how you can fix them easily.

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An iPhone 14 Pro can get hot for various reasons.

6 reasons why your iPhone 14 Pro is getting hot

Here are six reasons why your iPhone 14 Pro is getting hot:

1. Multiple background processes running

Sometimes, several apps or processes can run in the background, consuming memory and processing power, which can be one of the major reasons for the iPhone 14 Pro getting hot.

2. Environmental factors

Exposing your iPhone 14 Pro to direct sunlight or using it in hot environments can cause it to heat up quickly.

3. Faulty battery

A defective or aging battery can lead to your iPhone 14 Pro getting hot. Always get your iPhone battery diagnosed in a service center and replace it if something faulty shows up.

4. Intensive applications

Some apps, particularly games or video-editing tools, require a lot of power, leading to your iPhone 14 Pro getting hot.

5. Prolonged camera use

Utilizing the camera for extended periods, especially 4K video recording or augmented reality apps, can lead to significant iPhone 14 Pro overheating.

6. Software glitches

In rare cases when your iPhone 14 Pro gets hot, a software bug or incompatible apps might be the culprit. Get them removed immediately or reinstall them from the App Store.

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How to prevent an iPhone 14 Pro from getting hot

  • Avoid using your iPhone in hot temperatures
  • Close apps that consume a lot of power
  • Disable automatic downloads
  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Use location services only when necessary
  • Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you’re not using
  • Keep your apps updated regularly
  • Use low-power mode
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Is your iPhone 14 Pro overheating? Here’s how to maintain it properly

  • Avoid charging and using your iPhone simultaneously: This can put additional stress on the battery, causing it to heat up.
  • Clean your iPhone often: Dust and debris can block the phone’s vents, causing it to retain heat. Regularly clean your iPhone with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Monitor app usage: Keep an eye on the battery usage of your apps. If an app is consuming a disproportionate amount of power, consider finding an alternative.
  • Regularly update apps: Developers often release updates to fix bugs, which can include issues that cause overheating.
  • Use genuine charging accessories: Always use Apple-certified chargers and cables. Non-certified chargers might not adhere to the proper voltage and can lead to overheating.

And, there you have it — that’s a rundown of everything you need to know about why your iPhone 14 Pro is getting hot and how you can get it fixed in 2024.

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