How to play Starfield on iPhone

Bethesda’s latest sci-fi RPG, Starfield, has taken the entire gaming community by storm, and here’s a handy guide on how to play the game on your iPhone.

Starfield, Bethesda’s latest sci-fi RPG, is massive. Not just in size but in everything it has to offer, starting from interstellar adventures to a captivating story, the game is a piece of art.

Players from all over the world are playing the title on PCs and Xbox consoles. However, some people may also want to play it on the go, especially when the technology is quite powerful these days.

Yes, you can play Starfield on your iPhone and our handy guide has everything you need to know about getting started with the process.

How to play Starfield on any iPhone

There are two ways of playing Starfield on iPhones:

  1. Steam Link app.
  2. Xbox Game Pass Mobile app.

Considering the new iPhone 15 lineup’s launch is nearing, it just might be the perfect time to fuse the latest trends together. Let’s now take a look at each of these methods in detail.

Choosing the Steam Link app is one of the ways of playing Starfield on iPhones. As a matter of fact, you can play any Steam game on your Apple smartphone using this method and it’s not just restricted to Bethesda’s RPG only.

Our detailed guide here has all the steps mentioned on how to play Steam games on your iPhone. However, if you don’t own a copy of Starfield on Steam, it’s better to take the Xbox Game Pass way.

an image of Backbone One for iOS
Backbone One is an excellent choice to play Xbox Game Pass titles on iPhones.

Play Starfield on iPhone using Xbox Game Pass Mobile app

Before you proceed with this method, you must make sure you have:

The Ultimate tier will allow you to play games from its catalog anywhere using Cloud gaming technology, as well as on any console and PC.

To play Starfield on iPhones using the Xbox Game Pass Mobile app, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Xbox Game Pass Mobile app from the App Store.
  2. Once it’s installed, log in using your credentials.
  3. After that, search for Starfield from the search bar at the top.
  4. Download the game to the cloud server, and wait for the process to finish as it may take a while, depending upon your internet speed.
  5. Once it’s done, you can start playing Starfield on your iPhone.

If you ask me which of the two methods is the best way of playing Starfield on iPhones, I would suggest the Xbox Game Pass Mobile app any day over Steam Link.

The sole reason is that you’ll be playing the game using Cloud Gaming technology, which is a lot less hassle-free than using Steam Link where you need to keep your PC on to enjoy the game.

Can you play Starfield on iPad?

Yes, you can play Starfield on iPad as well, using either of the two methods we’ve mentioned above.

All you need to make sure is your tablet is also updated to iOS version 14.4 at least.

And there you have it, that’s how you can play Starfield on your iPhones anywhere. Be sure to stay connected by following our Twitter and Instagram pages.

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